Web Design

If you're in need of a new website, you've come to the right place! No project is too big or too small - whether you need just a small web presence, a larger e-commerce outfit, or the most complex web application such as an online game, we can deliver what you're after. Just request a quote and we'll get back to you within half a day or so.

What we deliver is a beautiful-looking, standards-compliant, fast-loading, error-free, search-engine-friendly, jaw-droppingly good website that will deliver results. From content management to shopping carts to social media integration, Lynkd has you covered. We can also write persuasive copy and source images for you if you don't have them already, and provide ongoing support for as long as you need it - including advising on successful web marketing strategies to get your website to the top!

We have had many different kinds of clients and we do different kinds of development to suit each one - meaning the chances are pretty good we can work something out that caters to your individual needs.
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Our Simple Process

There's no particular framework that we apply to all of our clients, as we do handle every site in a way that suits that site's needs. Generally, however, working with Lynkd is a very simple three-step process. We try to make all our projects as hassle-free as possible, while still allowing you to have as much input into the process as you'd like.
  1. Step One

    Get A Quote

    Fill out the form to the right, and let's get talking about your project! If you are unsure of any details, just fill in what you can and type something like "Unsure" for the remaining fields. We do respond to all quote requests as soon as we are able, typically within a few hours. From there, we start a process of talking about your project so we can get a rough idea of what you're after and how we might achieve that given your budget. This allows us to give you a free, no-obligation and confidential quote for your project.

    Before any work is begun, we work out exactly what you want to achieve and how we can do that within your budget. We often will create a mockup design so that we're entirely sure that we're on the same page. Although we always respond ASAP, this can sometimes take a few days. We often ask for a small deposit.
  2. Step Two

    We Build Your Site

    If you do decide to go with us, the next step is for us to actually build your site. The length of time this will take obviously depends on the complexity of the site. Simple websites can be built in a matter of days - more complex sites can take weeks. Once we've produced a prototype, we'll show it to you. We always invite feedback and changes from our clients - with Lynkd, you get unlimited revisions to the design until you're completely satisfied with it. This happens over and over again until you're satisfied with it and the site is ready to be put on the web. The process is as collaborative as you want it to be.
  3. Step Three

    The site goes live

    When we've finally built the site, we show it to you and send you an invoice for payment. All the set-up required to put it online can be done at no extra charge. Once your site is "live" on the web, we like to provide ongoing support to all our customers. If there are any issues with the site we can fix them for you for free. Since we write most of our code ourselves, we know it inside and out, so any problems can be quickly resolved.

What we stand for

Our mission statement is simple: to build sites worth visiting. We want a web where everyone is always spoilt for choice between interesting websites. Unfortunately, the reality is that the vast majority of businesses, clubs and organisations do not currently have a website, and most of the websites of those that do aren't that great. At the forefront of our philosophy of how to make that happen is that the customer (that's you) must always come first. We value you, and it's our business to help you succeed. That's why we custom-develop all our software to match your needs, and listen to your input at every step of the way. We like to think of your customers too, and try to think how we can help you put them first on the web. That explains our dedication to great design and standards-based development. As part of that commitment, we never use templates to build our pages. Templates are what works for somebody else, but your website needs to be what works for you. It also means that we don't start the design process until we all know what exactly needs to be done - this will usually involve us conducting some research as to what your competitors are up to, and how you can outsmart them on the web, using your market positioning as a base. Web development is a marketing problem more than it is a technical problem, and marketing is our area of expertise.