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Photo of Lars Dobbertin King Hey, I'm Lars Dobbertin-King, the owner-operator behind Lynkd. I've been making websites professionally for over 5 years. Lynkd was started in 2012 to help me reach out to more businesses who could benefit from working with me. I have a batchelor of commerce degree from the University of Auckland majoring in marketing and management, which I use every day to help my clients sell themselves online. Every customer I deal with is a unique challenge, and that's what I love about the job. At Lynkd, you're not like any of the other sites we've developed before - you're you, and we like to make sites that showcase how you're special.

Some sites we've worked on

This is just a small selection of all the site's Lynkd has created.

Paraparaumu Beach Business Association


The Paraparaumu Beach Business Association supports the local business community in Paraparaumu Beach. Boasting a legendary local market, a pretty open air mall, excellent cafes, restaurants, and so much more, all topped off with one of the finest beaches in the world. Lynkd worked with the Paraparaumu Beach Business Association to create a site that showcases the best that the region has to offer. Lynkd designed and developed the site, and was also responsible for the photography.
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EDEB8 is an online debating website that allows competitors to challenge each other across the internet. It's the most technically advanced website of its type, supporting numerous community and debate features not found on any other debate site in the world. EDEB8 continues to grow and develop successfully. Lynkd created EDEB8 from concept to launch.
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London Academy of Film, Media and Television


The London Academy of Film, Media and Television is a reknown tertiary institution that helps people to aspire to work in the media industry to develop their skills with professional instructors. The website is large and complex, featuring a state of the art shopping cart and course management system. Lynkd developed their site.
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Time Torque


Time Torque is a time travel blog Lynkd designed, built and wrote content for. Our aim was to generate a lot of interest in time travel for an author who had written a time travel series of books. Users could leave their own time travel experiences as well. The site is heavily socially integrated and our original content was highly praised.
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Phillip Scott


Phillip Scott is a local photographer who takes amazing pictures. He wanted a responsive and dynamic site built in Wordpress, so we set everything up and developed a custom, innovative and functional Wordpress theme for his site, as well as plugins as required. Despite the many large images, the site loads quickly.
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Privilege Cognac


Privilege is a high-end collection of cognac that predates world war one, owned by Hollywood producer Frederick Golchan. Lynkd designed and developed the website to convey a sense of eminence and classic charm which complements the cognac's brand.
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HireSounds was the world's first professional DJ internet streaming system, allowing you to hire DJs from anywhere in the world and have them stream live music to your event.


Simple site that Lynkd developed for a pool maintenance person. The site was ahead of its time with animations and slideshows to complement the user experience.
Femme Le Desir

Femme Le Desir

Femme Le Desir was a major online lingerie site with thousands of items and online ordering.